Dance Workshops



Workshops will resume after social distancing guidelines end.  Stay safe by staying apart for now. 

We have returned to the dance floor for private lessons only & greatly look forward to seeing you in person.

You can still purchase a workshop registration as a gift certificate by calling (202) 422-6250

The day that social distancing guidelines end, you will then have a year to redeem your registration.  We will all want to celebrate that & celebrations were made for dancing.

2 Hour Beginner Dance Workshops  – Saturdays 6:30 p.m.

  • SWING – Date TBD
  • SALSA  – Date TBD
  • TANGO – Date TBD
  • SAMBA – Date TBD
  • CHA CHA – Date TBD
  • FOXTROT – Date TBD
  • BACHATA – Date TBD
  • WALTZ – Date TBD
  • RUMBA – Date TBD
  • POLKA – Date TBD